Social Media Content Strategy

Learn how to create and implement a powerful social media content strategy that is geared for success.

Renowned marketer, designer and storyteller with 10+ years of experience.

After Completing This Course You Will Be Able To

  • Create impactful content that engages your audience immediately
  • Create an effective, organized and efficient social media content strategy
  • Implement your content strategy with ease
  • Conduct thorough and professional competitive research
  • Run an efficient content development process
  • Leverage content to connect with people and grow your bottom line

About This Course

In this course, you’ll learn how to create social media content with “thumb stopping power” with the essential skills required for developing and executing on a brilliant strategy.

You’ll learn about marketing funnels and setting objectives with key indicators as well as identifying your target audience by doing in-depth customer research using Facebook Insights, Survey Monkey and empathy mapping. You’ll learn how to define your content strategy with a strong mission statement and content pillars and execute on your strategy by planning and copywriting in advance.

The course covers how to do all of this with an efficient process and how to measure and optimize your results to guarantee success.

What You Will Learn

  • How to create a killer content strategy for Facebook and Instagram
  • How to identify your target persona
  • How to develop your content mission statement and content fillers
  • How to set measurable goals and objectives for your campaign
  • How to do customer research and master empathy mapping
  • How to plan and organize your posts, select images and write strong copy

Why Learn With Rita Cidre?

Renowned marketer, designer and storyteller with 10+ years of experience. She is the marketing manager at Qualtrics and has been ranked as a Top Growth Marketer by both Hubspot and Search Engine Journal.

Who Is This Course For?

  • Anyone wanting to start a career in content marketing and social media
  • Freelancers wanting to add Social Media Content Strategy to their skillset
  • Business owners wanting to improve social content
  • Digital nomads looking for work that they can do from anywhere in the world
  • Copywriters looking to elevate their existing skills
  • Bloggers, podcasters and influencers
  • All levels of experience


  • Access to Internet
  • Computer / Laptop / Mobile Device

What Is Included?

  • Immediate unlimited access to course materials
  • 30-day money-back guarantee
  • Exercises and quizzes to help you put theory into practice
  • English Closed Captions
  • Suitable for mobile or desktop
  • A badge to showcase your expertise on your profile page upon completion

Course Syllabus

Chapter 1

Course Introduction
  • 1. Welcome (1:19)
  • Course Downloads

Chapter 2

Setting Objectives
  • 2. Marketing Funnel (2:15)
  • 3. Key Performance Indicators (0:47)
  • Quiz: Setting Objectives

Chapter 3

Identifying your Target Audience
  • 4. Marketing Personas (3:37) Free
  • 5. Customer Research (1:45)
  • 6. Facebook Audience Insights (6:45)
  • 7. Survey Monkey (5:56)
  • 8. Empathy Mapping (2:34)
  • Quiz: Identifying your Target Audience

Chapter 4

Defining your content strategy
  • 9. Content Mission Statement (2:24)
  • 10. Researching Competitors (8:47)
  • 11. Content Pillars (4:53)
  • 12. Identifying Post Types (4:50)
  • Quiz: Defining your content strategy

Chapter 5

Executing on your content strategy
  • 13. Executing on your Content Strategy (0:39)
  • 14. Planning your Posts (7:57)
  • 15. Selecting Visuals (3:34)
  • 16. Writing Copy (2:33)
  • Quiz: Executing on your content strategy

Chapter 6

Creating an efficient process
  • 17. Creating an Efficient Process (0:16)
  • 18. Reusing content (2:19)
  • 19. Getting Help (10:11)
  • Quiz: Creating an efficient process

Chapter 7

Measuring and Optimizing
  • 20. Measuring Performance (0:29)
  • 21. Facebook and Instagram Analytics & Insights (6:42)
  • 22. Multi-channel content strategy (0:40)
  • Quiz: Measuring and Optimizing

Chapter 8

  • 23. What we learned (1:27)

Chapter 9

Final Quiz
  • Final Quiz
  • 30-day money-back guarantee
  • Unlimited access, anywhere, anytime
  • Learn from hand-vetted instructors, experts in their field

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